In 1867

A co-educational college was founded on a beautiful hilltop in Westminster Maryland. Its founders believed that providing a liberal education to young men and women with genuine care would produce intelligent and accomplished citizens.

150 years later we remain devoted to that mission. First as Western Maryland College and now as McDaniel College, we have built a legacy of producing top educators, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists. Our college is rich in its history of educating global citizens who think and care deeply, compassionate learners who challenge the status quo and alumni who dedicate themselves to a life of learning.

Connected by our green and gold pride and by those who boldly brought us to this moment, we ask that you join us now in our commitment to building a stronger McDaniel for the next 150 years.

McDaniel College is Launching an Ambitious Effort to Raise $50M to Affirm Our Commitment to These Areas:

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